Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Safe Port in the Storm of Life

Lightning @ Fay Lake PSJ by GunnerVV, cc license
Can I just reiterate how wonderful it feels to be writing again (especially in lieu of battling nausea all day)?!?!

Often when I share, here, my struggles with anger, strong emotions, and intense reactions, I'm met with some disbelief from friends and family. They have a hard time reconciling the "good Mary" they typically see with the other sides of my personality that make me who I am.

It makes sense. We're more likely to lose it around folks who either, A) seem like they can appropriately respond to emotional crisis, B) are stuck with us (ergo, all the outbursts that land on Jason), or C) can't see us (hence, road rage and regrettable emails). It's easier for your id to break out when it feels safe.

It's so important to have those safe outlets. Over the past year, I've prioritized finding people and groups where its safe to be real about challenges and where struggles are supported. I've hooked up with a fantastic moms group and, as stated in my New Year's resolutions!, I'm consciously scheduling more face time with those people in my life who listen well, share struggles, and fill my soul with good things.

Last year, at this time, I became aware that I needed support in another area, as well. The seeds of this blog were swimming around in my head, but I was struggling to articulate exactly what I envisioned and I didn't know how I could possibly fit a new endeavor into my life.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Live Your Dream Challenge and have since been supported by Jenny Fenig and the whole community of women who participate in her coaching programs.

Jenny invited me to share some of my journey on her blog, which you can read here.

And if you are struggling to find your purpose, to find your path, and/or are looking for a safe space to birth your dreams, you may want to check out the Live Your Dream Challenge.  :)

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